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Wrestling legend to return after over a year to manage former US Champion, Top star to turn face and end 400+ day title reign?  (September 2nd, 2022)

Welcome to this week’s edition of things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown. It was an interesting episode this week that primarily revolved around celebrating the second anniversary of Roman Reigns‘ Universal Championship win.

While it was the final show before Clash at the Castle 2022, not much of it felt dedicated to building to the show. Either way, the card is set and barring any last-minute additions, there will only be six matches on the show – three from SmackDown.

This is what WWE subtly told us on the go-home show to Clash at the Castle 2022:

#5. Where is the Happy Corbin story leading to?

Happy Corbin is on yet another downfall. After successive losses to Ricochet, he said that he wasn’t going to have a downfall and had an open challenge on SmackDown that Shinsuke Nakamura answered.

Nakamura defeated him in a predictable result and later in the show, Corbin was seen being approached by a vehicle that looked exactly like the one that belonged to WWE legend and Hall of Famer JBL.

A voiceover told Corbin to get in, with the implication that JBL could be his new manager soon enough.

#4. Sami Zayn’s tensions with The Bloodline on SmackDown

By now, you have probably figured out that Sami Zayn won’t be in the Bloodline for long. He isn’t an official member, but he is an associate. This week, Jey Uso was furious at him for how things went down on RAW as Zayn didn’t help him to beat Kevin Owens.

Tensions were boiling this episode, with Jimmy Uso trying to be the mediator between the two. Ultimately, it seems as though Zayn is being set to end the 400+ day reign of The Usos alongside Kevin Owens.

#3. Is Ronda Rousey still a heel?

SmackDown saw one of Ronda Rousey’s highlight reel moments in WWE. Adam Pearce was technically the one who stole the show with his incredible promo, but ultimately, it takes two to tango.

Pearce and Rousey have great chemistry and tension on-screen allowed him to call her the biggest b**ch, and Rousey responded by putting him in an arm bar.

Overall, this was likely a way to get Rousey into a more “tweener” character rather than being a defined heel.

#2. Are The Viking Raiders being primed for a title shot?

The Viking Raiders and The New Day opened the show in what was one of the best SmackDown matches in a while. It wasn’t surprising that Erik and Ivar won after putting Xavier Woods through multiple people.

It seems as though WWE is slowly but surely priming the Raiders for a title shot. Given the overall lack of teams, we support this idea, although we don’t see them being the ones to dethrone The Usos.

#1. WWE is taking a careful approach with Karrion Kross

WWE is taking a careful and slow approach with Karrion Kross. They’re starting him off by having him squash enhancement talent and that is a formula that is tried and tested. It certainly worked with Braun Strowman in 2017 to name one such example.

However, given his direct involvement with Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, it shouldn’t be surprising if he stops taking on enhancement talent.

There shouldn’t be a rush to bring him into the Universal title picture, but he is very likely to jump the line. So what was it that WWE subtly told us in this match? One clear message – Karrion Kross is going to be a big-time player.

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