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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Vaccine Skeptic Cardinal Raymond L. Burke Breathing Via Ventilator After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

A prominent cardinal who has expressed skepticism of vaccines tested positive for the coronavirus just days ago and is already breathing via a ventilator, according to a tweet from his official account. The message from former St. Louis Archbishop Raymond L. Burke’s team asked that supporters of Burke “pray the Rosary for him” but said that “doctors are encouraged by his progress.” Burke’s team announced he had tested positive Wednesday. Whether Burke has been vaccinated is unknown, but he spoke out against vaccine mandates at the May 2020 Rome Life Forum, saying “vaccination itself cannot be imposed, in a totalitarian manner, on citizens.” He’s also quoted theories that the vaccine contains “microchips” used to control citizens. In the same address, he reportedly argued that the church had not insisted enough on continuing in-person services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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