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This Miami burger shop was just named the best in Florida

MIAMI – Florida is full of burgers — from the classic, old school, mom and pop burgers to the high-end, wagyu, and way-too-much-bacon varieties — we’ve got them all.

However, only one burger shop in Florida reigns supreme, and it may come as a surprise to you.

El Mago de las Fritas has been named the best burger in Florida by Food & Wine.

This isn’t your average burger — it’s a “frita,” which is a Cuban burger.

Best described by Food & Wine themselves, “This beef and pork blend is seasoned liberally with cumin, pepper and paprika, served on an absorbent Cuban roll, and topped with onions and a shower of crispy potato matchsticks, for an irresistible crunch.”


If that doesn’t make your mouth water as you’re reading it, you might have to take a trip down to Miami for a taste immediately.

They go on to say, “In Little Havana, you can get a Frita pretty much anywhere, or at least it seems that way, but begin at El Mago de las Fritas, translating as as Frita Wizard, or Frita Magician, and they’re not joking, After more than 35 years in business, the city named a street after founder (and grill master emeritus) Ortelio Cardenas.”

Follow El Mago de las Fritas on Instagram by clicking here. Read more about them by clicking here.

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