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This Is The Worst School District In Florida


Every child is born to a unique set of circumstances. And it is these different social, familial, economic, environmental, and many other factors, that help shape who they become. While these conditions are countless, a handful of factors play an outsized role in a child’s development and likelihood for future success — including academic success.

Whether or not a child succeeds academically can depend considerably on school quality. A student who falls behind in one school district might have excelled academically in another. By no means limited to the classroom, many of the strongest influences on a child’s future are in the home environment, and the resources available or absent there.

The Hamilton County School District, in Florida’s Hamilton County, ranks as the worst school district in the state. Many students in the district may be at a major disadvantage academically due to severe financial insecurity at home as poverty conditions can be a hurdle to academic success. An estimated 40.9% of area children live below the poverty line, more than double the 16.9% state child poverty rate.

The district itself gets low marks from Niche for academics and college prep.

The four measures used to determine the worst school district in every state are: the child poverty rate, the teacher-to-student ratio, per-pupil spending, and the share of adults with a college education. All data came from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics. This is the worst school district in every state.


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