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Sewage seeps into Miami Gardens Apartment – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

Imagine sewage and the stench that comes along with it seeping into your apartment. One South Florida man couldn’t take it anymore, so he reached out to 7 Investigates. Here’s Seven’s Kevin Ozebek.

Andre Mills hates heading into his own home.

Andre Mill: “The carpet is extremely wet.”

Not only is the carpet drenched, but the smell coming from all this water is overwhelming.

Andre Mill: “The smell is awful, and it smells like a porta potty that has been used for months without being clean.”

Andre says water filled with feces has been coming into his apartment for weeks. Just look at this dirty water that bubbled up in his bathtub and toilet.

Unnamed roommate: “Man, I cannot even describe it. It is so stinky. I can’t even describe it.”

Andre’s roommate, who doesn’t want to show his face, now spends most of his time here in the parking lot.

Unnamed roommate: “I’m sleeping in my car. Every night I sleep in my car.”

Next door, we met Dorothy. She wears a mask inside her home, because of the stench.

Kevin Ozebek: “Is it working?”

Dorothy Johnson: “It helps.”

But it cannot completely block the nauseating smell. We see what looks like human waste that came up from the drain.

Dorothy Johnson: “It is terrible. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep.”

Dorothy and Andre live at the Advenir at Walden Lake Apartments in Miami Gardens. Both say they’ve complained to management, but little has been done.

Dorothy Johnson: “I would like for them to clean it up, so we can live peacefully.”

Andre Mill: “I mean, they have to do better, a lot better.”

After seeing the apartments, we reached out to the city.

A Miami Gardens spokesperson told us “…Thank you for bringing this to the city’s attention…”

A city inspector then wrote this violation for “property maintenance.”

State inspectors also issued warnings for “sewage/wastewater backing up.”

Andre Mill: “All of this is straight water.”

We then contacted Advenir, which owns the complex. We were told tree roots damaged the drain lines.

And the company is “currently in the process of repairing any damage in those affected apartments and hope to have those residents back in their apartments soon.”

Advenir put Andre and Dorothy in hotel rooms while the repairs are being done.

Andre Mill: “I’m happy they’re doing something about it, but it took them too long.”

Andre’s soggy carpet is gone, dry wall is being replaced, and look how clean the toilet is now.

Kevin Ozebek: “Do you think this would have moved as fast as it did if you didn’t get us involved?”

Andre Mill: “No.”

But Andre says he is still not happy. After dealing with so much stench and stress, he plans to move out at the end of his lease.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.

State inspectors just looked at the property again this week. They tell us the sewage issue in Andre’s apartment has now been “resolved.” But they say there’s still more work to be done in Dorothy’s unit.


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