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Lorain County Sheriff’s Office receives Gold Standard Award for policy management

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office was honored with an award for its performance in 2021 through Lexipol, a worldwide agency which specializes in policy development and management for public safety organizations.

“This award is only possible through the diligent work of the deputies in keeping up to date in reading and acknowledging our policies as well as attending online training and testing shows that each deputy knows and understands our policies and how to apply them in real world settings,” stated a news release from Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Richard Bosley.

On Sept. 2, the Sheriff’s Office received the Gold Standard Award from Lexipol, which the local sheriff’s office utilizes for policy management.

Lexipol is a worldwide leader in policy development and management for public safety organizations

“While this is not the first time this award has been attained, it is still a noteworthy achievement,” the release stated.

The Gold Standard Award “means the Sheriff’s Office for 2021 has achieved Lexipol’s standard in policies issued, updated, and acknowledge by staff,” the release stated.

Deputies also have achieved the highest standard in completing training to each policy and have spent in excess of 12 hours of training strictly on policy and procedure, the release stated.

“Lastly, this award is a credit to Deputy Tony Syrowski who coordinates the implementation and training of our policies and procedures through Lexipol,” according to the release.


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