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Kevin Connolly Reveals He and Newborn Daughter Are on “Road to Recovery” After Contracting COVID-19 – The Hollywood Reporter

Kevin Connolly shed light on his recent COVID-19 diagnosis during Friday’s episode of Victory the Podcast, which he hosts with Entourage creator Doug Ellin and fellow star Kevin Dillon.

The actor and director tested positive despite being fully vaccinated, he shared, adding that his newborn daughter Kennedy also tested positive for COVID-19.

Although he and his daughter are now on the road to recovery, Connolly shared that it was a difficult experience. “It’s been hard,” the actor said. “It’s hard when your kid is sick, you know? Because there’s really nothing you can do. But she’s doing great. It’s just the congestion part, but the fever is down and we’re all back on the road to recovery.”

Connolly explained that his daughter, whom he shares with girlfriend Zulay Henao, experienced a fever, congestion, and body aches among her symptoms. 

The news comes amid the rise of the Delta variant. And despite claiming that they “don’t do politics” on the Victory podcast — which is included in the portfolio of Connolly’s ActionPark Media podcast network — Connolly urged listeners to get vaccinated.

“This is not a political statement at all, but I’m just saying that there’s zero doubt in my mind that this vaccine saved me a great deal.” He continued, “The symptoms, while brutal, were manageable. I’m past it now, but without that vaccine I would want no part of that delta variant of the coronavirus.”

Henao did not contract the virus, despite being in close contact with Connolly and Kennedy. “She’s negative, which further proves that the vaccine works,” Connolly said of his partner.

The couple welcomed their daughter in June, sharing her arrival via an announcement on Instagram.


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