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Kathy Griffin live – Meghan McCain slams comedian over Trump head ‘joke’ after lung cancer and drug revelations


Since 2012, Griffin, 60, has been in a relationship with marketing executive Randy Bick.

In November 2018, the two split for five months before reconciling in April 2019.

Griffin and Bick decided to tie the knot at her California home on January 1, 2020, in a ceremony officiated by comedian Lily Tomlin.

The 60-year-old comedian posted a video of herself alongside Bick on New Year’s Eve in which the two told her followers that they were planning to get married in the early hours of 2020.

“Happy New Year — and, surprise! We’re getting married!” the couple said together.

“Tonight, after midnight,” Griffin said, as Bick added: “She said yes.”

A couple of hours after midnight, she posted an update, writing: “The entire ceremony was just under 14 minutes but I have to give you guys the uncut first 75 seconds.


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