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Interview: Comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen Tests Her Miami Knowledge

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Natasha Pearl Hansen

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Comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen is a sheer delight.

You might want to read that again because in 2021, “sheer delights” are few and far between.

Not only is Hansen a talented writer and podcast host, but she’s also been doing her thing touring the globe while dazzling crowds with her brand of comedy. That brand of comedy also led to her own proverbial “lemonade out of lemons” moment when she filmed her first comedy special on her canceled wedding date in 2019, aptly titled I Was Supposed to Get Married Today.

Baby girl has been through it all, but has she been put to the test when it comes to “rando Miami facts?” Before Natasha hits the Villain Theater on August 19 and you show up to show off that laugh, New Times tested her Miami knowledge with a light game of trivia. Shout-out to Pitbull.

New Times: We’re going to go easy on you because we heard you recently won a “Best Biceps” award. Did you kick anyone’s ass to celebrate?

Natasha Pearl Hansen: Isn’t that hilarious? I celebrated by just picking up stuff all night. Anyone that even said hi to me, I was like, “Can I just pick you up now?” So funny. It was quite an honor.

Trivia time: Miami has several nicknames because they are doing the most. Do you know any of them?

This is actually really hard! I’ve been to Miami twice because one of my best friends lives there. Oh, man, I’m thinking back on Will Smith lyrics here from that one song. You might have to tell me this one. I know Florida is the Sunshine State.

Unless you often think of strip clubs, you wouldn’t have “Magic City” on the brain. It’s also nicknamed the Gateway to the Americas, the Sunshine City, and the Capital of Latin America. Miami is also called the “Blank Capital of the World.”

Is it called the yacht capital of the world? Boating capital? Sailing? Cruise ship? It has to have something to do with boats. I mean, even just down to the style of dress in Miami, people are ready for boating. Everyone owns a boat.

Yes, it’s the “Cruise Capital.” You’re also correct; it’s a law that you must own a boat in Miami.

Not just boats but also storage lockers. I heard something about storage lockers and that people are getting them and hanging out in them. It’s the cool thing to do. Fancy ones, kind of like a she-shed. Someone was telling me about it, and I was like, “What? That is amazing!” I would love to be invited to a dinner in a storage locker. It seems incredible and terrifying. Have you heard of this?

Never in my life. I bet at a storage locker party in Miami they play a lot of Pitbull. Last up, can you name one of his songs? A bonus point for one of his many nicknames because he also does the most.

I can hear them all playing in my head. I hate that I don’t even know one song name. As for a nickname, I’m thinking it’s something “king.” Or maybe like, the prince of something.

That makes so much sense, but no. “Mr. 305” or “Mr. Worldwide.” You can make up for all of this with a cool Pitbull story, though.

That I can do. I actually saw Pitbull briefly in passing at the Four Seasons in LA years ago. I think he was coming out with an energy drink at the time. He was so sharp. He was dressed out of something like a Ricky Ricardo era. He was electrifying. I didn’t get to talk to him, but he radiated some real Pitbull energy, I’ll tell you that.

Natasha Pearl Hansen. 8:30 p.m., Thursday, August 19, at Villain Theater, 5865 NE Second Ave., Miami; 786-391-2241; villaintheater.com. Tickets start at $15.


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