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Dade County Medical Association announces Rafael Fernandez, Jr., M.D., as 112nd President

June 20, 2022 – On a night where all guests enjoyed Latin music at the 2022 Presidential Inauguration: Havana Casino Night at the JW Marriot, the Dade County Medical Association announced the new Board of Directors, and Rafael Fernandez, Jr, MD has been installed as the 112 nd President.

Rafael J. Fernandez, Jr, M.D., President, the retired doctor Rafael Fernandez, Sr., and Jose David Suarez, Immediate Past-President

In the activity in which several important people from the healthcare industry gathered, DCMA made announcements of the achievements obtained during the past year despite the challenges in these times of pandemics.

The significant moment of the night was when the new President Rafael Fernandez, Jr, M.D. was sworn in as President, accompanied by his father, the retired doctor Rafael Fernandez, Sr.

Dr. Fernandez shared with guests a moment from his mentor, radiologist Dr. Espinosa, “Why did God give you five fingers, to remind you that you need to know the top five causes for what you are seeing on the x-ray”. As part of his message, mentioned the five reasons to be committed to the DCMA – Defend, Educate, Unify, Challenges, and Rewards of Involvement.

Let us reinforce to the public that we are physicians, we are men and women skilled in the science and art of healing, that our vocation is the practice of medicine, and that they are patients, not customers or clients. said Rafael Fernandez, M.D. to his colleagues.

Dr. Jose David Suarez, in his farewell message, announced his achievements which include the increasement of members, the results in Tallahassee a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue with his commitment to areas of critical need. Dr. Suarez also received a proclamation from the Mayor of Miami Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, recognizing his work as a doctor and always helping those most in need.

The FMA was represented by Jason Goldman, M.D., on behalf of the President, Dr. Dough Murphy, he mentioned the accomplishments, challenges, changes, benefits, and legislation they have been fighting for in the Legislature at Tallahassee for the benefit of physicians in South Florida.

The new Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and Directors of the DCMA

The new Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the DCMA is composed of doctors Carmel Barrau, MD, President-Elect; Patricia Ares-Romero, MD, Vice President; Adriana Bonansea-Frances, MD, Secretary/Treasurer; and Jose David Suarez, MD, Immediate Past- President. Other members of the Board of Directors: Eugene Fu, M.D., Enrique Fernandez, MD, Raul Grosz, MD, Jeffry Biehler, MD, Jorge Marcos, M.D., Julie Kantor, M.D., Damaris Mafut, M.D., and Jason S. James, M.D.


The DCMA also recognized the role played by the supporters of the association: Presidential Inauguration sponsors Baptist Hospital, Clinical Care Medical Center, Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics, Keralty Hospital Miami, MSP Recovery, and Queen’s University; and collaborators Community Health of South Florida, Gables Orthopedics, Truist Wealth, and Unihealth of South Florida for sponsoring this event.  With a special mention to the Institutional Sponsors ShareCare and The Doctor’s Company.





For more information about the Dade County Medical Association and how to become a member visit www.miamimed.com

About the DCMA

The DCMA is the organization of choice for physicians who advocate for patients and the quality and sustainability of the practice of medicine. Its mission is to support its members in all aspects of the practice of medicine; to serve physicians and their patients by establishing and promoting ethical, educational, and clinical standards for the medical profession, and to advocate the highest principle of all, the integrity of the patient/physician relationship.


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