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BLACKPINK collaborates with PUBG to hold first in-game concert ‘THE VIRTUAL’

BLINKs, get your gamer mode on! BLACKPINK is coming to your area via PUBG Mobile. The global K-pop sensation girl group has announced that they will perform a virtual concert in PUBG Mobile’s in-game virtual world later this month.

Titled BLACKPINK:THE VIRTUAL, the upcoming event will run over two weekends, first between July 22 and 23 and then between July 29 and 30 in North and South America. In other countries, the event will take place between July 23 and 24, and again from July 30 to 31.

BLACKPINK in your area via PUBG Mobile in July 2022

On July 12, 2022, PUBG Mobile and the K-pop girl group shared an exciting pink and black poster to announce their collaboration. The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile game (PUBG) will provide a platform for the K-pop sensation’s in-game concert, titled “The Virtual”.

A representative of the group’s label, YG Entertainment, shared that the in-game concert has new features to which fans can look forward to. They stated:

““In addition to the members’ three-dimensional avatars, the three-dimensional sounds and performances will come to life through the high-quality technology of the game production company PUBGM.”

They further added that the girl group will reveal a special new track at The Virtual concert and provide a unique experience for viewers. The representatives stated:

“BLACKPINK will reveal a special track at “The Virtual.” The concert that will take place in the virtual world will provide fans with a unique new experience. In particular, the performances will be completed with motion capture, adding a lifelike vibe similar to the real deal.”

With this surprising collaboration, the four-member girl group has become the first K-pop artist to hold an in-game concert. This is the second time that BLACKPINK is collaborating with PUBG since the popular game used the group’s songs as the lobby background for PUBG Mobile from their 2020 album The Album.


It is currently unclear as to what the K-pop group has in store for fans in terms of virtual performances. PUBG Mobile users will also be able to receive free in-game concert tickets with reservations beginning on July 15. On July 16 users can download the concert resource pack in advance.

According to various K-media outlets, on July 6, 2022, YG Entertainment confirmed the return of the K-pop girl group to the music scene. BLACKPINK will be releasing new music in August, and are currently recording a brand new album. Additionally, the members are also planning a world tour by the end of this year.

In the meantime, the members are also balancing various solo projects and have been in the spotlight for various collaborations with beauty and clothing brands alike.


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