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Alyssa Milano: Charmed star in car accident after uncle suffers possible heart attack while driving

Alyssa Milano has been involved in a car accident after her uncle suffered a possible heart attack while driving.

The Charmed star was believed to be riding in the front passenger seat when her uncle went unconscious after becoming ill with a medical issue behind the wheel.

Milano, who is reportedly uninjured, told LA authorities that she felt a SUV hit the right side of their car after it drifted into another lane.

According to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) press release, obtained by PEOPLE, they were “able to bring the Ford to a stop between the #1 and #2 lanes… with the assistance of a good Samaritan”.

CHP said that the SUV drove away without stopping.

TMZ reports that Milano gave her uncle CPR until paramedics arrived. She was then picked up by her husband, David Bugliari.

In a Twitter post shared after the accident, Milano said: “We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love.

Alyssa Milano was left uninjured in car accident

(Getty Images)

“Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock up your guns. Learn CPR. Small, common-sense actions.”

She added: “It’s not hard to take care of each other, but it is important.”

The Independent has contacted Milano for comment.


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